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Bogy Art

Bogy Art


Bogy Art is featured in the Welcome to Ocean City 2021 guidebook

AARON Bogushefsky or ‘Bogy’ as most people call him is a local artist with an immense admiration for the small town of Ocean City. With this, comes a love for art and past artists such as Norman Rockwell, Dr. Seuss, and Rick Griffin. Having juggled many different activities throughout his life, Bogy has finally put his admiration for these activities into a career for himself. He’s established his name as an artist, a teacher, and a soccer coach in the past few years in South Jersey. Bogy’s style is instantly recognizable (he painted the cover for this book…) With humor and serious detail in each piece, you’ll want to bring one home for yourself. Grab a print or two at Call or email if you want a commissioned work.

609-602-8601 •[email protected]
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