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Bogy-The Interview

Bogy-The Interview


CHANCES are good you’ve seen a Bogy, even if you didn’t know it or are asking yourself what a “bogy” is right now. The answer is not a what, but a who. Aaron “Bogy” Bogushefsky is an integral artist in the Ocean City community. His recognizable fun style can be found all over the island – from murals (one is on the side of Spadafora’s Restaurant) to coloring books, and even the cover of this magazine. When he’s not painting, he’s teaching art for kids in the Ocean City School District or coaching soccer.

How did you get into art?

I never got out of it. Got into it early on and never felt like not doing it. In high school I started selling pieces to friends’ parents. The first thing I sold was a pencil drawing of Bob Marley.

Who or what are your inspirations and influences?

I like Rick Griffin, the guy started a lot of surf and gospel centered art. Bill Ogden too, who is a surf artist. Then there is also Gary Larson who does The Far Side comics. I used to have those as bathroom books and I feel like the humor in my art comes from the social commentary there.

How would you describe your style? How did you develop it?

Whimsical. I felt like I didn’t fit into realism, illustrations, or comics, and I was in this in between stage. I did my own thing and someone told me “That is your style” once. I embraced [what I was doing] and started making it my own.

What is a piece of art that you will never forget that you made?

The life size drawing of Bob Marley when I was in high school. It was more than five feet tall and three and a half feet wide. I tried doing this giant drawing of him when I was in high school. I put it behind my bed and did not finish it until after college. It was something I am most proud of. I had to sell it eventually because I could not keep it. To frame it was a thousand bucks!

What is your favorite medium to work with? What about least favorite?

Watercolor. It blends painting and drawing together. Least favorite though… It is all a challenge. I do not do acrylic on a regular basis. Oils are a mess. I did print making and screen printing in college, but not much after.

How often do you sit on an idea for a drawing or painting?

When it comes to me, it will bug me until I get it out. It is an immediate itch I have to scratch.

How have you gotten better through the years?

Mentality. You can always improve. I am still learning every step of the way. I enjoy watching YouTube video on the process. It is amazing watching someone work with the same tools in a different way. If you do not look back and think you can do better, you are not improving.

As an art teacher for the Ocean City School District and a freelance artist, how do you balance teaching and art?

Sometimes I feel run down, but it is the why that keeps me going. It is helping the youth. That’s why I don’t feel weary. I love the kids and I love teaching. I love what I do.

What is your day to day like when not in school?

In the summer, I wake up at seven, which is sleeping in for my family. I go out and feed my sheep, chickens, ducks and cows. Then I do art or go fishing or surfing. Then I do the same thing at dusk until one in the morning.

How often do you surf?

As much as I can! I have a 7’4” Bonzer five fin speed egg, a 5’8” Brian Wynn twin fin, and a 9’0” Joel Tudor longboard.

What other activities or jobs take up your time?

I’m a coach for the high school boys soccer team. This is my 12th year. Soccer is the only thing I’m competitive in. As for surfing, I’ll find an empty beach to surf on, but soccer I’m really competitive.

Do you have any kids? Are they artists like their dad?

I have two girls, who are eight and six. The artwork is hard to say so far, but the surfing is getting there.

Tell me one thing you are looking forward to.

Probably the World Cup. I have been to two Olympic soccer matches so I’d like to see the World Cup. In 2026 it is coming to Canada, the United States and Mexico.

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What is your motto?

If I can quote Bob Marley… “Give your more to receive your less” [from Misty Morning].

What is your favorite place to eat in Ocean City?

This is a hard one because I’m so big on food. But I am a Prep’s Pizza kind of guy.

If you were an action figure, what two accessories would you come with?

A surfboard and a fishing rod.

What is your favorite movie?

True Grit.

Do you have any tattoos?

No and I’m not really into them. You know, it’s funny… the question everyone used to ask was, ‘If you had (to get) a tattoo what would it be?’ If I like something, I will just buy a tee shirt.

If given the chance, what celebrity would you want to meet?

Bob Marley!

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