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June 2022 Ocean City Magazine

June 2022 Ocean City Magazine

June 2022 Ocean City Magazine

A gifted lyrical poet once said, “you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.” In Ocean City, the wind is a constant. It’s the almighty decider of many things from good surf to a good beach day, bad rip current to a perfect boat day. Winds from the west? Pack your bug spray just in case. Breeze off ocean? Bring a sweater for twilight. It can blow in gusty gales, like it did in early May (!), or tickle our skin with its gentle breeze, keeping us comfortable on a sweltering day. Catch the right breeze tinged with the scent of salt air, and it’s an instant reminder of how lucky we are to live, work, stay, and play on an island as cool as Ocean City, NJ.
Lately, I noticed some winds of change blowing into town. More and more female led businesses are popping up, many with a healing focus, like Peak Mobility, Collective Vibes, and Driven by Dre. See Lauren from Peak Mobility’s new column Be Well on page 64 and meet Court from Collective Vibes in Shop Talk on page 48. The crop of businesses dedicated to giving back is getting bigger, turning profits into donations, or collecting donations in store for a local charity or another worthy cause. Read more about this trend on page 46. Improvements for beach and Boardwalk goers like bike repair stations, beach mats, and extra public restrooms have blown in, too. As we settle into June, these winds of change will usher in more bike riding, kite flying, and wave hopping as the island swells with its seasonal visitors.
And I, for one, can’t wait. I mean, this is it people… the moment we’ve all been waiting for… SUMMER!
It’s lemonade and scones, pedicures and pool floats, barbecues and boom boxes. It’s endless nights and dreamy days, dog-eared book pages, and knot bracelets. What is it to you? Read this month’s issue for so many fun things to do, people to see, stories to hear, games to play, and history to learn. Go back in time to World War II at the Ocean City Historical Museum’s summer exhibit of its shipwrecks. Take a pizza tour of the island, and go in the kitchen at the Deauville Inn, plus so much more to explore on these pages.

See you on the beach!

Stef Godfrey

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