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Welcome to Ocean City 2022-2023

Welcome to Ocean City 2022-2023

Ocean City Magazine

This is truly the most comprehensive guide you’ll ever find covering Ocean City.
We can’t produce this big, beautiful, useful book without the support of our advertisers. So please, go check them out. Tell them you saw them in this book. We love being able to produce this book – we want to highlight all that is beautiful about Ocean City, and we are grateful for our sponsors and all of you who support them.

Welcome to Ocean City! Or welcome back. This is a city for creating lasting memories with beautiful beaches, notable shopping, dining, and all kinds of good stuff. So, park your car, slip on the flip flops, and get out there! Be sure to take this book with you. Whether you’re a first-time guest, a seasoned visitor, or long time local, there are special memories waiting for you here. – Bill Godfrey

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