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It’s Finally May! May 2024 issue Ocean City Magazine

It’s Finally May! May 2024 issue Ocean City Magazine

May 2024 cover ocean city magazine
Solar eclipse
Solar eclipse

The May 2024 issue of Ocean City Magazine has arrived in and around OCNJ!
Grab your copy today at any one of these locations or read

Did you get overtaken by solar
eclipse fever last month? If you were lucky enough to see totality, (in OCNJ,
we got about 85 percent), the earth went dim while the sun was blocked by the
moon (which reminds me of a favorite Live song, Lakini’s Juice, whose lyrics
are at the start). At my house, we all stood out back glancing southwest with
our glasses, marveling at the wonder of Mother Nature as the sun reduced into a
sliver, waning into what looked like a crescent moon and waxing back to her
full self again, where she shined bright the remainder of the day.


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May 2024 Ocean City Magazine

In a way, this shying away and reemerging as our brighter self is part of the
deal with winter, no? We get tucked in for a cold winter’s nap, huddling close,
staying cozy, until the warmth of the sun starts beaming strong enough to feel
it on your skin and we start heading back up, eyes bright and open. Getting
through the darker days of the year is a wee bit easier when you get to live on
such a beautiful slice of earth. From the ever-changing ocean to the busy bay,
there’s no lack of scenic spots to snuggle into for some quick inspo or to
relax your weary bones no matter when the time of year. That said, this is the
time when the island shines.
Welcome back, friends. We made it.
If you haven’t planted your feet in the warm sand yet, you know it’s only a
matter of time. When you do, I hope you bring this magazine and read all about
this fine community, be you a visitor or a local. Inside these pages, we go
back in time to Old School Burgers who are bringing an ’80s vibe to 34th
Street, drink in some coffee trends with Jon
& Patty’s
and OC Coffee Company, and dig deep with Willie Fannon and
his newest venture, South Jersey Mining Company. There are so many other delish
features, columns, recipes, pictures and more. And please check out our newest
photographers, Salem Godfrey, Finn Godfrey and Nikki Farragher, in our
Snapshots column.
See you on the beach! – Stef Godfrey

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