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Humane Society Ocean City

The Humane Society keeps pushing forward in a year filled with cancelled events

You’ll most likely find a furry friend for all animal lovers at the Humane Society of Ocean City. 

Maybe you’re into barking, awoo-ing dogs- some with the softest fur you’ve ever felt, and some who feel like they recently got a buzz cut. Perhaps you’d prefer a shaggy and waggy senior canine who has a certain look in their eyes like they’ve seen a thing or two. Maybe snuggly and cuddly cats are more your jam. The Humane Society of Ocean City hasn’t been immune to hardships surrounding the pandemic. Many of their events have been canceled. 

Skato with Kato was canceled.

Barks on the Boards was canceled.

Grateful Pets was canceled. 

“We’re trying to be innovative and roll with the changes that we have to deal with,” says Phil Bellucci, development and operations director. 

Their sense of innovation has enabled them to continue holding some events. Their Camp Out event went virtual in May. 

“People like it. It’s interactive, they can comment, we can comment back, it’s easy to donate,” saus Phil 

It did help the Humane Society in terms of monetary donations, however, they are still in need of some items. 

The ways you can donate might be surprising.

One of the best ways to donate to the Humane Society is to buy a gift card to Acme, Shoprite, or PetSmart. 

“We have our regular needs but the gift cards allow us to go out and get other stuff,” says Phil.  

You can also visit their wishlist on their website. Surprisingly, or maybe not so if you’re familiar with the Humane Society, they go through a lot of laundry detergent because of frequent washing of beddings and towels. 

“Our community support is beyond,” says Phil. 

However, things are starting to look up for the Humane Society. 

“We were on Animal Planet recently,” Phil said. 

They were featured in an episode of “Furever Home Family,” which aired on July 11. 

“It’s hard to hit people up for money but we’ve been really fortunate. People have been raising money. There were kids that sold masks and gave the money to the shelter,” said Phil. 

He knows that better times are coming. 

“You try to find the good in everything that’s going on,” says Phil.

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Their adoption rates have remained stable. Even though they look to get animals from more crowded shelters when the Humane Society has room, they’re currently not allowed to do so because of restrictions. 

“It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster but we’re hanging in there. Our adoptions have stayed on pace pretty much as well.”

Recently, their vet center was able to reopen.

“The vet center is busy. The vet techs go out and bring the pets in,” said Phil. 

The Humane Society is currently planning an event at Josie Kelly’s this fall. 

“The last time we did it [had an in person event] at Josie Kelly’s, we had to close the doors because we had so many people,” Phil says. 

They’re planning on making modifications to make this event a safe one. 

“It’ll be a bigger ticket event, 75 bucks. They’re going to set it up as a dinner theater out in the parking lot. The Dead Reckoning band will play.” 

As Phil says it, “DeTAILS coming soon.”

Visit the Humane Society of Ocean City

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