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Giving Tuesday keeps non-profits in the business of giving

Giving Tuesday keeps non-profits in the business of giving

Non-profits keep everything afloat. On Giving Tuesday, they are looking for our help after a year of headaches. Sure, they’ve found some positives, but non-profits didn’t get to hold the bulk of their fundraisers. Without their fundraisers, they don’t have the money to continue to help people, animals and the environment. Many charities are accepting donations through their social media accounts as well as through their websites. 

At least one of the non-profits we checked in with has changed the way we view life in Ocean City. Casey’s Law gives pedestrians the right of way when crossing in crosswalks; coupled with using good judgement. 

Humane Society of Ocean City

The Humane Society of Ocean City (HSOC) is ramping up their cat sponsorship program. 

“For the holidays, we’re doing cat sponsorships. We have this all the time. For $60, you can sponsor one of the resident cats. The staff will take a cute picture of the cat and have a description. They’ll give you the cat’s pawtograph if they’re not too feral,” said Phil Bellucci, operations and development director. 

That money covers medication, food and litter. Cats that are at the shelter for a long time may be there because of their health issues. There’s about 30-40 cats currently at the Humane Society who are considered long-term residents. 

Ocean City Theatre Company

The Ocean City Theatre Company is running a donation campaign through their email subscribers and on social media. The money they raise will go towards the rights/royalties for their 2021 season. Check out our recent story about their fundraising efforts.

HERO Campaign

The HERO Campaign is raising money to expand the reach of their message. 

“The donations will be dedicated to our highway billboards, essential worker HERO Covid masks, and our HERO Patrol Car program, which wraps area police cruisers with the HERO Campaign message:  Be a HERO. Be a Designated Driver!” said Bill Elliot, chairman and CEO. 

Bill’s son, John, a U.S. Marine, was killed by a drunk driver in July 2000. Founded in 2000, the organization has worked to pass three laws to keep drunk drivers off the roads. 

Funny Farm Rescue Animal Sanctuary 

Funny Farm Rescue Animal Sanctuary is raising money to go towards their vet bills. Based in Mays Landing, they have at least 550 animals. Since March, they’ve taken in 197 cats, including 21 cats who were recently dumped at the farm. With that amount of animals, they usually have someone who is in need of the vet. 

However, they’re also looking for some brooms.

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“Three of our brooms got eaten this week by goats, “ said Laurie Zaleski, founder and CEO.  

The Funny Farm has Amazon and Chewy wishlists as well. 

Ocean City Education Foundation 

The Ocean City Educational Foundation is looking for donations to be able to fund 2021 programs. They help to support Ocean City High School after prom as well as teacher mini-grants and the Wellness Center at the Intermediate School. You can donate through their website. 

End Distracted Driving (End Distracted Driving) was founded in 2010 after Casey Feldman was killed crossing the street in Ocean City. has spoken with almost 500,000 people in 46 states. 

This year, they are raising money for their elementary school programing. Working with USDOT, is committed to providing free lesson plans to empower children to ask their parents to stop looking at their phones while driving. 

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