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HERO Campaign

HERO Campaign

HERO Campaign
The HERO Campaign is featured in the Welcome to Ocean City Guidebook 2021

THE HERO Campaign was established by the family of Navy Ensign John Elliott who
was killed in a July 2000 collision with a drunk driver two months after graduating
from the U.S. Naval Academy.
They save lives by encouraging the use of safe and sober designated drivers. And
they’re making a difference! DUI incidents declining significantly over the past decade.
Ocean City is the unofficial home of the HERO Campaign and where they host their
annual Walk in October. You may also see the OCPD HERO Cruiser around town.
During your stay, remember to Be a HERO, Be a Designated Driver! For more information
on how to donate or volunteer, visit or call 609-626-3880.

PO Box 700, Somers Point • 609-626-3880 • @HeroCampaignForDesignatedDrivers

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