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Boogie Boards, flower show, and snickerdoodles- OC Mag’s to-do list 6/3

Boogie Boards, flower show, and snickerdoodles- OC Mag’s to-do list 6/3

boogie boards

It’s that time of year to break out the boogie boards!

Find where you can get new, fun boogie boards plus visit the Ocean City Flower Show. Find more fun things to do this weekend below.

Bloom like a daisy

See beautiful commercial, amateur, and children’s floral displays at the Ocean City Flower Show! The show takes place June 3 from 2pm-8pm, June 4 from 10am-8pm, and June 5 from 10am- 4pm.  

Fun on wheels 

Have fun at Skato with Kato to benefit the Humane Society of Ocean City on June 5. The LNJ concert starts at 2:30pm at the Ocean City Skatepark and the skating competition will begin at 3:30pm. 

Monkey business

Embrace your wild side with Chunky Monkey pancakes from Hooked on Breakfast, 916 Asbury Avenue. It’s three buttermilk pancakes filled and topped with chocolate chips, pecans, and bananas- finished with chocolate and Nutella drizzles. 

Eat a cookie

Snag a sweet snickerdoodle from Famous Cookie Creamery, 1242 Boardwalk. 

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Save the planet one step at a time 

Visit ‘Āina’s popup on June 8 at Glazed Over Studios, 704 Asbury Avenue, from 6:00-8:30pm for thrifting, a refill station, plant dyed items, and more. 

Beach time!

Get ready for the beach with a new boogie board from Fisherman’s Cove, 1300 Boardwalk.

Featured image courtesy of Fisherman’s Cove

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