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OC Mag’s June to-do list

OC Mag’s June to-do list


The summer is gearing up! Schools are starting to let out which leaves more time in the daily routine for ice cream, pizza, bike rides, shopping, and more.

  1. Go for a ride
    Rent a surrey at 13th Street Bikes, 13th and Boardwalk.
  2. Find some energy
    Let the good times roll with the Rock Around the Clock sundae at Johnny B Goode, 1363 Asbury Avenue. The waffle sundae features a hot Belgian waffle covered with espresso ice cream, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce, chocolate covered espresso beans, whipped cream, and a cherry.
  3. Get some pizza
    Snag a Pepper-Herita pizza at Mario’s Pizzeria & Restaurant, 1510 Bay Avenue, which is a combination of a pepperoni and margherita pizza.
  4. Fly through the sky
    Take a ride on the swings at Playland’s Castaway Cove.
  5. Childhood is calling
    Before you step in to shop, browse the dollhouse in the window of Kay Jay’s Doll Shoppe, 737 Asbury Avenue.
  6. Add to your wardrobe
    Snag a fun shirt at Wild Phoenix Boutique, 409 East 8th Street.
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