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Summer food run

Summer food run

General Tso's chicken
Famished Foodie scores big with fast take out

JUNE is a time when the kids are mostly still in school. They also have soccer, tennis, track and all these events are at different locations and I still haven’t made dinner and on top of all that the evil Shredder is causing trouble and we are hungry.
Time for some yummy takeout.
Everyone – I the sage Splinter, ruminative Donatello, bold Leonardo, fun-loving Michelangelo, and the always fabulous Raphael – was hungry and slightly grumpy having just stopped Shredder from destroying all of creation.
We found ourselves in different parts of town with no desire to make dinner. I made an executive decision to grab Tokyo Mandarin, serving Chinese and Japanese cuisine and located in Marmora, for takeout. While our crew is known for a big love of pizza, we’re certainly not one-dimensional creatures.
Raphael was driving through the south end of Ocean City after picking up Leonardo from tennis. It was still early evening, so Raphael made a beeline for the Boardwalk and grabbed some Johnson’s Popcorn for dessert.
Shredder had teamed up with the League of Assassins and we were called to battle this villainous foe with style and grace – that makes one hungry. Now that we were done, we just wanted to chill. We planned on Tokyo Mandarin for dinner, then watching Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with righteous movie munchies.
Tokyo Mandarin was nearby so in I popped in, perused the menu, and decided on a few classics I knew everyone would enjoy, including General Tso’s chicken and Chicken Katsu Don. In no time I had a neatly packed brown bag filled with white takeout containers and I quickly headed back to our secret lair. The aroma was such that I almost stopped halfway to start eating. (No, I didn’t do that – I said almost).
The General’s chicken is a classic and with some white rice it goes a long way on take out night. Tokyo Mandarin does it right. The dish includes shallots, vinegar, hot peppers and garlic. The chicken is deep fried then coated with a tangy sauce. This stir fry dish slightly sweet and sour, and a bit fragrant with a spicy note that gives your belly that nice warm feeling.
“I really like the sauce – that’s the best part,” said Donatello.
Tokyo Mandarin is in the Shop Rite Plaza at the corner of Rout 9 and Roosevelt Boulevard in Marmora. They’re a neighborhood favorite and their fare is always tasty and consistent. The service is professional and friendly, and the dine- in experience is a nice place for a date night or a quick dinner with friends. It’s a relaxing vibe and not too loud. I also like the sushi. There’s a sushi chef on premises and the rolls are always fresh and properly prepared.
And who doesn’t like a good egg roll stuffed with veggies and deep fried with a smidge of that really hot yellow mustard?
“I never feel bad for eating too many egg rolls,” said Leonardo.
I had trouble pronouncing Chicken Katsu Don but it nonetheless came out delicious and satisfying.
“The Chicken Katsu Don is crispy and thin. When you get a piece paired with onion and rice it’s a savory win for your tastebuds. I really like that the meal comes with a house salad with ginger dressing and a miso soup,” said Raphael.
“My favorite is the fortune cookie,” said Michelangelo. “They’re so crispy and yummy.”
After dinner we queued up the movie, grabbed several bowls of Johnson’s Popcorn and plopped down in front of the TV to watch some entertaining turtles.
I know everyone raves about the caramel popcorn at Johnson’s and for good reason. It’s a perfect Boardwalk food and great for munching anytime. I love that aroma wafting down the Boardwalk beckoning me to the copper kettles where they pop that deliciousness. But you need to try the other flavors, especially the Artisan Cheddar. I thought nothing could come close to the caramel popcorn, but the cheddar is quite the cheezy-shizzy treat.
Whatever secret recipe coats these large kernels is sublime with a subtle
sweetness that will leave you licking your fingers.
There’s also peanut crunch, chocolate drizzle, and butter popcorn flavor, too. Mix and match if you’d like. For me Johnson’s is total comfort food. They’ve been on the Boardwalk forever and it’s family owned. Not only is there product delicious every single time but it’s so much fun just to get it.
So next time you save the world from an evil supervillain, grab some takeout from Tokyo Mandarin and some Johnson’s Popcorn and chill.

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