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The Farmstand at 14th

The Farmstand at 14th

The Farmstand at 14th Street
The Farmstand at 14th is featured in the Welcome to Ocean City 2022-2023 guidebook

WHEN you’re sitting outside at the Farmstand and the music is playing and you’re munching on chicken tacos, it’s like you’re finally on vacation. The Farmstand at 14th has a menu that leans into a healthier, lighter, simpler style with plenty of vegan and vegetarian dishes. But there are also burgers and chicken on the menu, too. It’s all whole foods – no stuffers or substitute ingredients and the dishes are well-prepared and truly tasty. The whole vibe is peaceful and relaxing. The menu at the Farmstand reflects a lifestyle; a lifestyle with a dedication to reducing waste and enjoying delicious, clean cuisine.

1368 Boardwalk, Ocean City • 609-399-3439 •

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