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July 2023 Ocean City Magazine

July 2023 Ocean City Magazine

July 2023 Ocean City Magazine

Have your moment

In mid-June, my husband Bill and I had the chance to hit the beach on a weekend by ourselves. It was a blissful couple of hours and as usual OC’s beach was clean and inviting with lots of sunbathers enjoying the sand and sea. As I was heading back from a walk, I spotted a lady about 30 feet ahead walking the path from the beach with her arms stretched out and an enormous grin on her face.
Wow, that lady is having a moment, I thought to myself as I looked at her and couldn’t help but smile. It was one of those brilliant sunny perfect beach days and her excitement was immediately contagious. As she got closer, she said to me, “Isn’t this the most beautiful day?!”
It was like the cherry on top of my beach Sunday.

Hello Summer

As we enter full time, freight train summer, as I like to call it, because it seems to go as fast as a locomotive, I hope these moments happen for everyone. Moments where you are so happy, so thrilled to be warm, with friends and family, in your favorite shop, eating the best donut you’ve ever had – you get the idea.
We’ve all had quite the few past years, am I right? Take your moment and relish in the bliss.

July 2023 Ocean City Magazine

This month in July 2023 Ocean City Magazine we visit Topsail Steamer and Playland’s Castaway Cove, celebrate the Ocean City Beach Patrol’s 125th Anniversary, and float our way through Dave Wilson’s plans for making Night in Venice bigger and better than ever.
Flip to page 7 and get advice from the stars in our horoscopes column and get your next beach book rec from Megan Antosy’s selections on page 54. There are recipes for coconut mojitos and handmade cavatelli from our brilliant in-the-kitchen friends, Linda Arceo and Amy Mahon and so much more. Enjoy reading and I hope to see you on the beach!

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