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4th Stringing Bee & Potluck

4th Stringing Bee & Potluck

Local Artists Resurrect the Art of Letter Writing at “Corresponding Women” Fourth Stringing Bee & Potluck on Friday, August 21 at the Ocean City Arts Center

Throughout the years, women have gathered together to share good conversation, good food and creativity- at quilting bees where each square is combined to create a beautiful artistic quilt, impromptu gatherings of women, which grew into the Feminist Movement, and even at events to benefit a cause.

“Corresponding Artists” Cheryl Crews and Barbara Maxwell invite men and women from the community-artists, art lovers and writers to gather together and help them create an art installation for their show in November and keep the art of letter writing alive. Artist Cheryl Crews, from the shores of Cape May County and Artists Barbara Maxwell, from the pinelands of Atlantic County, have written over 3,000 letters to each other for the past three years. In the letters, they share the agonies and ecstasies of creating art, personal insights, and inspirations with illustrations, sketches and the hand-written word. By writing their deepest thoughts on paper and sharing with another, these two artists find meaning in their desire to create and in even the most mundane thing in life.

Share your thoughts on art, enjoy a potluck of desserts and snacks and help string their letters together with ribbon into a magnificent art installment. “The installation will only be realized with the involvement of other women and men who come to help us string all those letters on all that red ribbon. They will share with us our joyful sense of accomplishment and pride on the opening night of our show.” Said Maxwell. “By involving others in our creative process, we hope to inspire their own personal correspondence,” said Crews, “Letter writing is a rewarding means of communication and an art that should continue.”

Fourth “Corresponding Women: Letter Stringing Bee & Potluck”
Friday, August 21
6pm – 9pm
Ocean City Arts Center
1735 Simpson Avenue
Ocean City, NJ 08226
Bring a snack to share!

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The letters that are strung will help the artists create a major exhibit for their Show “Corresponding Women” Paintings, Drawings & Letters by Cheryl Crews and Barbara Maxwell which will run from October 30 through December 5 in the Spangler Gallery at Atlantic Cape Community College. The Artist’s Reception will be on Saturday, November 14 from 1pm-3pm. So, mark your calendar so you can see what you helped create.

For more information about the shows, please email or call Colleen Cornell at 856-904-8484 or [email protected].

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