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Beat the winter blues with a surfboard puzzle giveaway

Beat the winter blues with a surfboard puzzle giveaway

Wading Wanderer puzzle

UPDATE – GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED. CONGRATS TO PAM LUNARDI. Now is the winter of our discontent. Shakespeare said that. But that’s probably because he never had the internet and his winter clothes looked pretty itchy. Anyhoo, don’t be like the Bard and diss these colder months. is here to help you embrace winter and its devious weather with a surfboard puzzle giveaway!

Okay, we’d definitely rather be in the ocean surfing actual waves, but until that water gets a wee bit warmer, you may as well get your peeps together and challenge yourself to complete this surfing-inspired puzzle that’s shaped like an actual surfboard and designed to be put together and kept as artwork to hang on your wall.

This cool puzzle designed in Asbury Park, NJ by Jigsaw Surf Co. comes with wax (puzzle glue), a glue spreader, and a scraper for creating said artwork and a bag to keep it all together if you decide to keep it as a puzzle.

Jigsaw Surf Co gives a percentage of sales to the myPEAK foundation, which promotes positive mental health through surf therapy.

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We’re doing a Wading Wanderers surfboard puzzle giveaway for one lucky reader to win. To enter, please submit the form below. One entry per email. Entries taken until 1-12-24 at noon. Winner will be notified by email only.

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