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OCBP Announces 2023 OCBP Rookies and a Second Tryout for June 17

OCBP Announces 2023 OCBP Rookies and a Second Tryout for June 17

OCBP Tryouts

The Ocean City Beach Patrol on Monday announced the successful candidates in a competitive tryout for lifeguard positions. The 2023 OCBP Rookie test was held on Saturday, June 3 on the beach at 20th Street. Here are the 2023 OCBP Rookies. Congratulations to:

  • Bascio, Jared
  • Bell, Kyle
  • Bell, Matthew
  • Brennan, Ava
  • Brennan, Connor
  • Brown, Matthew
  • Callahan, Brett
  • Cullen, Julia
  • Davidson, Lana
  • DeRose, Matthew
  • Dobson, Jake
  • Garrow, Jacob
  • Guidi, Chase
  • Haines, Connor
  • Halliday, Grant
  • Hudak, Wade
  • Legos, Gavin
  • Mastroni, Francis
  • Morgan, Andrew
  • Nardone, Julianna
  • Petrov, Sofia
  • Rautzhan, Luke
  • Redmond, Ryan
  • Rubin, Hayden
  • Ruggieri, John
  • Schultz, David
  • Shields, Jamie
  • Soscia, Ava
  • Stokes, Jay
  • Texter, Jacob
  • Waldron, Oliva
  • Watson, Nathan
  • Wilson, Wes
A second tryout is upcoming.

The OCBP will hold a second tryout for candidates who were unable to participate in the rookie test on June 3. The tryout will be held on Saturday, June 17 on the beach at 18th Street with sign-in at 8 a.m., and a 9 a.m. start. The competitive test will include a 500-meter ocean swim, a 500-meter ocean paddleboard, a one-half-mile beach run, a 500-meter erg and a surf dash. All candidates also must complete an interview.

Candidates must turn at least 16 years old by July 15, 2023 and complete a physical examination before the tryout. Candidates under 16 years of age are not eligible to begin work as a lifeguard until their 16th birthday but may be offered a position in rookie school.

Test Events (subject to change)

  • 500-meter box swim
  • 500-meter box paddle
  • 1/2-mile beach run
  • 500-meter erg
  • Surf Dash (short sprint from beach to stomach-deep water and back)
  • Interview

If You Want to Try Out

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  • Visit to fill out a contact info sheet to receive updates and information about the 2023 OCBP lifeguard test. A physical is required before you can participate in the test. Physical forms are also available at

EMT Positions Open

The Ocean City Beach Patrol will also be hiring seasonal EMTs for 2023. One of the many things that makes the Ocean City Beach Patrol stand out as the most comprehensive open-water rescue agency on the Jersey Shore is its EMS Division. Our EMTs respond to a variety of medical calls and other public service assignments. The OCBP EMS Division is looking for EMTs who can command medical scenes, work side-by-side with our lifeguards to effectively treat patients and communicate effectively with dispatch and other first responder agencies. 

Please email [email protected] for more information or for an EMT application.

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