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Art of Surfing Festival comes to Music Pier August 4-6

Art of Surfing Festival comes to Music Pier August 4-6

Art of Surfing Festival

What began as a small one-room tradition at Ocean City’s former Sagemore Art Gallery has become a thriving festival in the heart of the Ocean City Boardwalk. The Art of Surfing Festival turns 20 this year and takes places inside the Music Pier with local artists of all varieties showcasing and selling their work from August 4-6.

All pieces shown in the festival are surfing and beach related. This year, in what could perhaps be called creative kismet, the festival is being run by local surf-inspired artist, teacher, and coach Aaron “Bogy” Bogushefsky.

“My hope is to highlight surf culture in South Jersey… something to showcase what we do,” said Bogy.

Wildlife Surfboards at the Art of Surfing Festival 2021

Art Rules

Bogy has always had a passion for art, though he wears many hats. He is the art teacher at Ocean City Intermediate School and coaches the Ocean City High School soccer team. When he’s not doing those things, he’s home with his family and creating his art. Many pieces are for sale at His work is almost instantly identifiable and can be seen throughout Ocean City on various murals. That’s his art on the side of Jilly’s on the Boardwalk, and on the covers of Ocean City Magazine this year and last and on the Welcome to Ocean City Guidebook. This passion for art is what ultimately led to his decision to head the festival this year.

“I’ve always enjoyed art and never gave it up; It is my outlet for everything,” he said.

Local artists under one roof

About 20 local surf artists will be showcased at the festival; painters, illustrators, photographers, surfboard shapers, and more. A little bit of something for everyone. Ultimately, though, Bogy would like to expand the festival’s reach.

Kristin Young is one of this year’s participants. She owns Peace of Wood, a community studio space for art, music, and shopping, with her husband Marshall and will be showcasing some of her surf-themed art. Some other participants are Jon Baker, painter, Brian Wynn, surfboard shaper, and Elizabeth Kirk, illustrator (Elizabeth also made the poster for this year’s festival).

As the festival grows, Bogy is hoping to expand its reach to include more area artists.

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“I’d like to draw artists from across the state and showcase their work,” he said.

The festival is at the Music Pier Thursday, August 4 from 5-10pm, and Friday, August 5, and Saturday, August 6 from 12-10pm. Admission is free.

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