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Asbury Kitchen

Asbury Kitchen

Asbury Kitchen
Our Foodie hits up this new bright spot on Asbury

ENDO Girl and I sat in the Ocean City sun like Grace Kelly and Gary Grant. We soaked up a most beautiful afternoon and enjoyed one of the city’s newer eateries, Asbury Kitchen at 624 Asbury Avenue. We were casual – I in a single breasted, grey flannel suit, and Endo in a stunning two-piece striped crop top, and matching midi skirt. The food was well-prepared, fresh and tasty. The service was friendly, and the vibe was fresh and easy. It was a lovely meal in a pretty town on a beautiful Sunday.
I wish lunch could last forever.
Endo and I like to keep up with the new eateries in town, mixing in old faves with enticing new places. Asbury Kitchen was on Endo’s radar for some time – she’d heard good things – so we headed downtown to see for ourselves.
Ocean City is perfect for al fresco dining, day or night. Endo and I found a great parking space, gave our name at the host stand and soon after dropped our butts into the comfy orange chairs next to window boxes planted with basil and mint.
“I really like the orange chairs and the orange awning,” said Endo. “It’s bright and fun and the chairs are comfortable.”
We zeroed in on the all-day breakfast menu, because all day breakfast is always a good idea (I stole that line from AK’s logo). The menu included some of my favorites including eggs benedict, so when I saw “homemade hollandaise sauce” I knew I had to go for it. Endo meanwhile, went to the sweeter side and ordered the salted caramel French toast.
“I’m so warm and toasty and comfy sitting here,” said Endo.
Our server Carly took our order, brought our coffee and soon we had our plates in front of us.
“This presentation is so nice – it’s just looks so inviting I can’t wait to eat it,” said Endo. This filling is so creamy and just the right sweetness– not too much not too little. I like that these guys care about the details here, you can taste that attention to detail.”
The eggs benedict was top-notch. Eggs Benedict is not an easy dish to make, and while many places have it on their menu, I don’t order it if the vibe is not right. But I had a feeling so I went with my gut and they turned out delish. The eggs were fresh and the hollandaise sauce was smooth and flavorful, adding a bit of sweetness to an otherwise savory dish.
I know you gotta get to the beach. I know this. But you need to make time for moments like this. The coolest of breezes rolled down Asbury Avenue and the sun shone the way it only does in the OC. We sat (those comfy orange chairs!), we ate (so fresh and tasty), we chatted and chilled and maybe got just a tiny bit of our schwerve back.
Carly returned regularly with fresh coffee, which I found robust, but not too strong. Drinking coffee on Asbury Avenue in the sunshine should be on your bucket list. Bonus points if you can name the movie title and the character that speaks the famous line, “when I order coffee, I want it filled six times.” Here’s a clue, ‘pink.”
These guys make eggs benedict several different ways including the Jersey Benny, served with grilled pork roll, tomato and that yummy homemade hollandaise sauce.
The all-around presentation is pleasing with a line of well-tended flower boxes along the front window, clean tables, and a quiet mellow vibe.
Asbury Kitchen is the brainchild of Mira Teofanov who along with her husband Angel, renovated and reopened where Arlene’s once stood.
Mira bopped out the kitchen on that busy Sunday and found time to sit and chat about her new operation. She took over the restaurant’s kitchen last year but kept the Arlene’s name until just recently. We all sat on the boss orange chairs and talked about Ocean City, life, and family as our fun lunch kept rolling along.

“I just changed the name three weeks ago. We had so much to do, and we took it step by step,” said Mira.
“I like everything nice and fresh. Fresh and straight to the point. My husband and his guys did the renovations and in the end it all came together. I wasn’t so sure about the orange at first – but then the chairs came, and you know, it all came together,” said Mira with a laugh.
Breakfast burritos, French toast and waffles are among the staples on the menu, but Mira also offers crepe dishes including caramel and banana crepe and s’mores crepes.
Finally, we finished with a caramel cheesecake that was, well, go sit in the sunshine on Asbury Avenue and you’ll find out.

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