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A catered occasion

A catered occasion

Pop up picnics and all things charcuterie are in season this summer

CHARCUTERIE boards have become a big trend all over the country within the past few years. Truth be told, this so-called “trend” dates back to Roman times when refrigeration was unheard of, and people needed a way to preserve food. Back then, they used salt to preserve meat and when ready, they’d slice it up and serve it on a platter for friends and family. It’s not so different today, except much easier to come by. Charcuterie, defined by Merriam Webster as “a delicatessen specializing in dressed meats and meat dishes,” is an artful pairing of meats with fruits, cheeses, crackers, veggies, and more cut into appetizer portions. The concept that began with primarily meat-only boards has evolved to companies dedicated to bringing you an entire experience with your charcuterie.
“Our clients tend to be celebrating a special occasion, whether it be a birthday or proposal, we hope to create a unique experience that leaves them with lasting memories,” said Surfside Picnic owners Stefanie Green and Alexis Van Horn.
The longtime friends opened their business in August 2021 as a side hustle to their full-time teaching careers. Surfside Picnic sets up a complete picnic for you and your guests in the place of your choice. They provide a Bluetooth speaker, water, ice bucket, and more. A charcuterie board is available as an add on to your experience.
“We started Surfside Picnic because of our love of entertaining and design. As elementary school teachers, we appreciate the opportunity to let our creative side roam free,” they said.
Just like Surfside Picnic, Cut + Board is no exception when it comes to the quality of charcuterie services. They are located in Cape May Court House. Cut+ Board was founded by Sarah Cowan and her love of entertaining is shown throughout all her services from preparing boards to teaching DIY charcuterie board classes in shop.
Over in Margate, Ali Nolan runs her own pop-up picnic business. South Jersey Picnic Company opened in October 2020.
“I started my business as a quarantine hobby/creative outlet,” said Ali. “I hope to gain happy customers who are satisfied and fulfilled with their custom experience.”
Spreads by Kerri provides the beautiful charcuterie boards for Ali. All orders are completely customized and tailored to each client. Offerings include cookies and macarons, balloons, floral arrangements, and an instant camera and film.

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