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July Ocean City Magazine

July Ocean City Magazine

July Ocean City Magazine

I love July. It’s summertime, baby. Beach days, Boardwalk nights, Downtown lunches, lazy pool days, you catch my drift. Every summer, I usually make a bucket list of sorts to check off cool activities and attractions. This summer, though, I was thinking of adding a few different things to my bucket list for the season.
Stay calm. Take it easy. Try something new.
Driving through the OCNJ island streets in summer can be chaotic. We know this. There are bikes, scooters, walkers, beach goers, babies, strollers, seagulls, you name it crossing the street at any given moment. It’s a scene, man. If the person in front of you is going slow… think of them as your nephew or niece or BFF and treat them as such. Mostly just stay calm and drive slow, homie. Live in the moment… take the opportunity to crank up the stereo and jam out like no one is watching.
In other words… “Don’t let the sound of your own wheels make you crazy.”
It’s so easy to get swept up in the summer steam train (full speed ahead), but instead, let’s take Glenn Frey’s advice and take it easy. I love trains and doing and summer, but for balance sake, I’m sitting on the beach every once and awhile, watching the waves and taking it easy, without thinking of the endless task list of life.
Flip through these pages and you’ll find something new to try. Or to learn. Or to visit. Because why not? Make this the summer you learned how to throw pottery or how to surf or how to ride an e-bike. Maybe you want to try some new breakfast or lunch spots. Read how our Famished Foodie did exploring Asbury Avenue for a good eggs benedict on page 12. Meet the new chef at Tuckahoe Inn, explore Beesley’s Point Park, and catch up with the OCNJ Rocks group and this year’s theme. That and so much more is inside. Enjoy. – Stef Godfrey

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