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Collective Vibes

Collective Vibes

THERE’S a sign that hangs above the doorway at Collective Vibes, one of Ocean City’s newest retail spaces that reads, ‘as you leave today do all things with purpose and love.’ And that is exactly what owner Court Lloyd is hoping to do with her new venture.
Collective Vibes, located at 936 Haven Avenue is a gathering space for mind, body and soul. Opening this past February, Collective Vibes provides the Ocean City and surrounding communities with a variety of services. It offers yoga classes, sound healing, organic teas, coffee, and smoothies, a retail space and workshops.
“It really is a space to share our unique gifts with one another,” said Court, who is excited to bring a healing space to Ocean City.
Court along with her family, husband Alan and two sons, Cooper 11 and Easton 9, moved to Ocean City three years ago.
“My grandparents had a house in Avalon that we would summer at and so I have always felt an infinity to the sea and the coast, wanting to get back here. My husband is from a small coal mining town outside of Pittsburgh, so it took him a little longer to find that same affinity,” she added with a smile. “But at least he knows we can’t move any further east now.”
There are healing properties in the sea and that is what drew Court here to start the next chapter in her story.
Collective Vibes came to fruition after Court started her own healing journey – both physically and spiritually. With a background in nutrition, Court found herself in a yoga class about eight years to help heal her physical health and realized how she felt – not just physically but emotionally as well after class.
“It ignited something in me that I wanted to share with others,” she said. That’s what the collective is all about. A space to come together as community and share with other people. Maybe there are things you have never heard of before, or ever thought about trying. And Collective Vibes gives you the space to try those things – free of judgement and full of authenticity.”
The space itself, located on the first floor of a newly built triplex across from the bus depot, is warm and inviting. The retail space is adorned with local artists and makers unique gifts, art and goods.
“We have a saying that if it’s on the wall, it’s for sale,” said Court. “The hope is that you come for a yoga class, and stay for a tea or latte, engage in conversation and something in the space sparks your interest – whether it is a crystal with healing properties, a book on poetry or self-help, locally sourced honey or a t-shirt adorned with custom printed artwork.”
In the back of Collective Vibes is the yoga room with a Himalayan salt wall for purification and healing as well as a variety of bowls, a gong and drums for sound healing.
“Sound healing is my life’s purpose,” said Court. “We are all vibrational beings so what we do internally ripples out to everyone else – our vibes if you will.”
Everything in the space, just like in our lives is intertwined, which is at the core of the mission for Collective Vibes.
“Our physical and emotional bodies can’t be disconnected,” said Court. “Our space allows people to explore those connections, share our gifts and create new relationships and experiences for the mind, body and soul. What works for one person doesn’t work for everyone, so I wanted to create a space that was authentic to sharing those gifts.”
In order to try new things, the Collective Vibes Instagram page is updated
with offerings that include workshops that change weekly as well as the
opportunity to sign up for classes. There is something for everyone here.
“Our classes are all unique and the teachers are welcoming for all levels
and experiences. We are rooted in love,” she said.
The space allows people to try something new that may have been foreign to them before, a certain style of yoga, or sound healing and they have an experience with that that can positively change their mindset, body and soul.
“We want to reach people who wouldn’t necessarily find themselves walking into a yoga studio, but that once they have, they realize they are now a part of the collective.”

Find this story and more in the June issue of Ocean City Magazine

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