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Upcycled Plant Stand

Upcycled Plant Stand

Plant stand

I don’t know about you, but being surrounded by plants just makes me happy! So does adorable decor especially when it’s a handmade piece or something old turned new again. I’m always trying to find ways to reuse items before donating them. Here’s an easy go-to to turn a basic metal plant stand into a bohemian abode for your favorite plants.
All you need is a metal or old plant stand. You’ll also need a basket of your choice preferably one that fits well on top of your stand, some raffia (can be found at any craft store), scissors, and a plant!


  • Metal/Old plant stand
  • Basket
  • Raffia
  • Scissors
  • Plant

1. Depending on your plant stand base you can either loop your raffia by grabbing a handful and folding it in half while threading it over and through the rim of your stand top. If there’s nothing to loop it through if it’s a solid top you can glue your raffia around the edge.
2. Once you have completed going around the entire perimeter of your stand, trim up the raffia to your desired length giving you a tiki-like feel.
3. Add your basket on top (I threaded mine to the stand to make it a bit more sturdy) you can simply just place your basket on top too.
4. Find a happy sunny place in your little bungalow to showcase your new creation and add your favorite plant!

For the plant stand – use one you might already have, hit the trash days to see if there are any curbside, or check out your local thrift stores. 🙂

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