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Ocean City Magazine August 2021

Ocean City Magazine August 2021

August 2021 Ocean City Magazine

And just like that… it’s August, the Sunday of Summer… arguably the most bittersweet month of the year. Because when August hits, it’s like an internal countdown starts ticking in our brains… MUST DO EVERYTHING before those leaves start to drop down and schedules begin to take shape. Before we go mental, let’s all take a collective deep breath because we still have this glorious month to slowly soak in the sun.
Kanye West possibly says it best in his song Drive Slow. “You need to pump your brakes and drive slow, homie.” Sometimes it feels like that’s what I’m telling the universe. Please pump your brakes… summer is going so fast it’s going to get a speeding ticket.
I listen to this song a lot when I’m driving through the island streets, because, well, you literally need to drive slow and it’s a very melodic reminder ;). When you’re in OC, you’re on island time, whether you planned on it or not. The only way to go is slow… and there’s really no reason to rush. So drive slow homies and embrace island time.
Time on the island peaks in August. Ocean City is buzzing with things to do… whether it be planned weekly events like the Farmers Market, Funtastic Tuesdays, Mummers Night, Family Night, or annual events like the Baby Parade or Boardwalk Art Show, or any one of the amazing shops, restaurants, activities, etc. It’s like a fun factory. We make fun in Ocean City. It’s up to you how you’ll enjoy it. And that’s where we come in… these pages are filled with loads of ideas, stories, photos, information and more. Take this copy to the beach, the porch, the deck or the boat and dive in. In this month’s issue, we discover cool shells from the Discovery Seashell Museum, seek out a quiet (and chic) work space at DriftSpaces, go in the kitchen with Dockside Kitchen on the beautiful bay, and so much more. Check out our must haves for shopping ideas, and grab our guides to help you decide where to eat, shop, stay and play all day, every day in OCNJ. Let’s pump the brakes and drive slow homies, and enjoy every minute of our island time. – Stef Godfrey

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