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Donated Christmas trees give animals a tasty toy and treat

Donated Christmas trees give animals a tasty toy and treat

Farm and zoo animals alike enjoy Christmas trees

Usually Christmas trees get unceremoniously lugged to the curb, placed aside of the trash can. But what if you can turn your Christmas tree into a crunchy snack and toy for some farm and zoo animals? 

Old Fogey Farm

At Old Fogey Farm, the goats love Christmas trees. So does the donkey and the cow. 

“We can only accept about half a dozen [trees],” said Christine Ross, chairperson. She recommends that you call if you are interested in donating to ensure that she has room for your tree. 

“The trees can’t be treated with flame retardant spray or flocked(dusted with artificial snow).”

There are a variety of animals that enjoy the trees. 

“Humphrey the donkey likes them. Otis (a cow) hasn’t had one yet because last year he was too young and I was afraid to upset his tummy. But this year I think he will enjoy them.”

Cape May County Zoo

The Zoo is also collecting Christmas trees. The trees can’t have ornaments on them or have been sprayed by anything. They will be collected at a coned area in the front parking lot of the Zoo from 7am-7pm daily. The lions enjoy playing with and munching on the trees. 

Ocean City’s Trees

55th Street

The 55th Street tree was taken down on January 3. The shells left under the tree were tossed out to sea with good wishes for 2021.

“The tree will then be taken to the Cape May Zoo by a local resident, Wendy since she has a truck,” said Melanie Stampone.

Any ornaments left on the tree will be saved for next year. 

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North Street

The North Street tree will also be recycled. 

“I was thinking of either taking the tree to the Brigantine beach dunes- they recycle them- or to the Cape May Zoo.  My kids will be digging it up, so I’ll probably leave it up to them,” Sue McElwee said. 

The shells and ornaments will be saved for next year if no one claims them. 

“David the ‘tree caretaker’ is planning to save the shells again this year and add them to the fence again for next year. The plan for the ornaments is to collect them and leave them in a crate by the fence for anyone that wants theirs back; what’s left I think David is saving for next year,” said Sue.

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