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Animals, Irish Potatoes, and Self-Care… The OC Mag To-Do List 2-25

Animals, Irish Potatoes, and Self-Care… The OC Mag To-Do List 2-25

Otis finds a Home

At OC Mag, we love animals. 

We love dogs that woof happily, determined terrapins who make their way to the beach every year, ponies that clickity-clack at OC events, and farm animals, especially ones who come when their names are called. This week, we have two animal events on our List of things to do. 

We also have some recommended reading, potato recommendations, and ways to take care of yourself.

Otis is moooooving up in the world

Christine Ross from Old Fogey Farm is having a book launch party for her first children’s book, “Otis finds a Home.” Otis is a loveable cow who made it to Old Fogey Farm after being born with special needs on a dairy farm. He enjoys chin scratches, giving kisses, and playing with his ball. 

The event will be held on February 28 from 1-3pm. You’ll also have a chance to meet the new editions – goats Millie Lou and Lulu Grace joined the farm last week. 

Need a primer on all of the Old Fogeys? We did a story on them in the fall. 

Whale time

Have a whale of a good time celebrating World Wildlife Day with Virtual Whale Watching. This event will be held on March 3 at 7pm and is hosted by the Marine Mammal Stranding Center, Oceana, and Cape May Whale Watcher

Kiss me I’m Irish Potatoes. 

Ever try an Irish Potato? These sweets are not from Ireland nor are they potatoes. These coconut cream cinnamon-y treats can be purchased at Shriver’s (852 Boardwalk), Rauhauser’s Candies (721 Asbury Avenue), and Fudge Kitchen (800 Boardwalk).

Shriver’s Irish Potatoes

With a nose stuck in the book.

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Deauville Inn

Feel like you’re missing out on Ocean City History? Before the museum and life saving station reopen, visit Stainton’s, 810 Asbury Avenue, or Sun Rose Words & Music, 756 Asbury Avenue, and peruse their collection of historical books. 

Make some dough

Looking for a job? We compiled a list of summer jobs in and around OCNJ. 

Nail, yeah!

Get a manicure at Elizabeth Eve Salon, 3335 West Avenue. 

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