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Ocean City Magazine May 2023

Ocean City Magazine May 2023

Ocean City Magazine May 2023

What’s your OC Moment

No matter how long you’ve been away from OC, whether it’s a day, a week, or an entire year, when you walk back over the dunes and catch that first glimpse of the sun’s rays glittering on the water – it always packs a bit of a thrill. We think that moment captures Ocean City’s timeless lure and knew it was just right for May’s cover.
This got me thinking, what’s your OC moment? When does it finally feel like you’ve arrived on the island? Maybe it’s before you even get here, as you ride over the bridge and the island comes into view. Or perhaps it’s when you walk into your fave Downtown shop.


Local artist Lauren DeMarco created our May cover piece, entitled “Solstice Morning.” It captures the light and energy of classic OC. Lauren loves Ocean City as much as we do and we’re excited to inspire you with her mixed media art covers each month.
Inspiration comes in so many ways, and we feel lucky to send it your way each month in Ocean City Magazine with features on the awesome things to do and make, businesspeople, events, shops, restaurants, photography, recipes, and more. I get inspired on the daily by OC’s natural beauty and by its community. The business owners and employees work hard year-round planning cool events and getting things ready for our summer friends to arrive.
And that time is now. Welcome back friends.

May 2023 – Ocean City Magazine

This month in OC Mag, we have a few new contributors, led by Kristen Dowd, who’s taken a larger role and lending her editorial prowess to our rag each month. Kristen grew up in these parts and is a graduate of OCHS. Plus, she loves dogs and baking.
If you’re a fan of sweets, check out In the Kitchen with Lisa’s Sweet Treats on page 9 and Amy Mahon’s recipe for liege waffles on page 14. Bookies (is that what us book fans are called?) flip to page 46 for a feature on the little libraries popping up all over the island. There’s lots more packed into the pages from little libraries to big ideas, along with love and good vibes. Spread that love around, chat with your neighbors and the business owner or employees when you shop or eat, visit places you’ve never tried and share if you liked it.
“Cause I don’t shine, if you don’t shine… before you go, can you read my mind?” – The Killers

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