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Ocean City Magazine – November/December 2022

Ocean City Magazine – November/December 2022

November Ocean City Magazine

We are all not so different. Sometimes it seems like we are when you watch the news on the internet, paper, or television. When the focus is on what separates us, we miss the opportunity to celebrate what we have in common, and as it turns out, we all have so many shared interests. Food, travel, the beach and ocean, giving back… perhaps it’s not as provocative, but it sure is much more pleasant. When it comes to putting together Ocean City Magazine, I’m reminded over and over again how good food, good surf, cool shopping, and good tunes (and loads of other things) can bring us together.
When we share a love for a place, like Ocean City, NJ, or general interests like the beach, surfing, or fishing, walking, shell seeking, star gazing… it’s like a salve for the soul, a connection that’s as simple as it is beautiful. It’s the no stress express, and at this time of year, that’s a welcome train.
These last couple months of the year, when the dunes explode in color and texture, and the island quiets down, those connections can take on a stronger bond. As we nestle in for winter and the holiday season, embracing the exchange of presents along the way as tokens of our appreciation to one another, I challenge you to give yourself three gifts.
The first is the gift of charity. Find an organization that speaks to you and reach out to help. It doesn’t always have to be a financial contribution. Volunteering time can be the best way to help. Read Kristen Dowd’s article on page 44 for local ways to give back.
Second, give yourself the gift of inspiration. Seek out a new book, take a new class, or visit somewhere new. Inside these pages there are so many ways to get your inspiration rolling.
Third is to give yourself the gift of giving. ‘Tis the season to spread the love to your people. Choose an item that speaks to your shared connection. For local shopping picks, read the Holly Jolly Gift Guide on page 40.
It’s November, time to que up Guns and Roses, find that perfect cold weather treat (I suggest Amy Mahon’s Gumdrop Cookies and Linda Arceo’s sparkling cranberry sangria), and hit the town for festive events. Consult Megan Antosy’s IYKYK for a list of must do events.
Til the shadows are shorter,
Stef Godfrey, editor

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