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Atilis Gym

Atilis Gym

Atilis Gym Ocean City

Atilis Gym in Ocean City as featured in the Welcome to Ocean City Guidebook 2021-2022

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1214 West Avenue, Ocean City • 609-545-8830 •

At the Gym
When you hit the gym, what are you looking for? A good workout, a bright, open spot with plenty of the best machines, and nice people who know how to train you? This is what you’ll find at Atilis Gym. Owner Chris Lambert has four locations at the Jersey Shore, so he knows fitness and what people want in a gym. Example? Atilis members have the opportunity to train at all four locations. Sweet.
Ocean City’s Atilis is the largest gym on the island, featuring over 7,500 feet of high energy, intense atmosphere filled with treadmills, bikes, rowers, ellipticals, step-mills, and a huge selection of weight machines. There’s also a free weight area filled with lifting platforms, dumbbells, benches, kettlebells and more.

Anything else I should know?
Open all year, everyday (and the only gym open 24 hours a day all off season), Atilis offers the best personal trainers and a large selection of drinks, bars, supplements and their official clothing line. At Atilis, there are no contracts and no hidden fees. And if you like options, this is for you: Atilis offers daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, and family rates.

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The List
Ocean City’s Largest Gym
old school style, modern facilities
welcoming all levels of fitness
no waiting on machines
28-machine circuit, personal training, unmatched free weight selection
year round; Open 24-hours all OFF SEASON
Four locations at the shore

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