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Shibori Beach Blanket- Let’s Get Crafty

Shibori Beach Blanket- Let’s Get Crafty

Shibori Beach Blanket

Summer is officially upon us and here is a fun DIY for your endless beach days! Give this DIY shibori beach blanket a try and make a statement on the beach this summer! No blanket is alike with this technique which makes it even more beautiful. So grab a white sheet, some blue dye (or a shibori dye kit; which can be found on Amazon) and rubber bands to get started. Following the picture instructions printed, start folding your sheet.


  • White sheet
  • Blue dye (or a shibori dye kit; which can be found on Amazon)
  • Rubber bands
  • Big bucket

1. Mix your dye as instructed on dye package using a big bucket. You’re gonna want to take this DIY outside 😉
2. Lay your sheet out flat in the yard and start to fold it accordion style as you would a paper fan. Back and forth until you reach the end and you have one long strip.
3. Next starting from one end of your strip fold the corner over to the left or right creating a triangle shape and follow through with using the accordion method here by folding the triangle back and forth until again reaching the end. You should now have one big bulky triangle.
4. Now wrap it in rubber bands to secure and soak it in your dye mixture. Leave it in for a few hours so the color absorbs.
5. Rinse with cold water and hang dry. Give it a cool wash and pack it in your beach bag for all to admire under the sun!


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Using the shibori technique is a great (and fun!) way to end up with something that is not only beautiful, but truly unique as well!
Sounds like a cool gift idea to me…

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