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Summer treats and books to read- OC Mag to do list

Summer treats and books to read- OC Mag to do list

Summer treat at OC Surf Cafe
Welcome to (almost) summer 2021!Your beach chair is calling.

There are plenty of things to catch up on in the summer season. Books and magazines need to be read and summer treats need to be eaten. Beach weather is what makes summer, summer so why not enjoy everything it has to offer? Each month (and week at we bring you our to do list. This is one list you’ll want to tackle.

1. Summer sweet tooth

Say Aloha to summer with some summer treats. Pick up cherry dole whip from Aloha Soft Serve, 928 Boardwalk and 1320 Boardwalk.

2. Book it to the beach

Ring in the new season with a new book. Check out Ocean City Library’s collection of ebooks to have a beach read all ready to go on your Kindle for your first beach day.

3. Tag, you’re it!

Ready for summer? Buy your beach tags online or in person at the Music Pier, City Hall, the Welcome Center on the 9th Street bridge, the Henry Knight Building (115 East 12th Street), or the Aquatic and Fitness Center (1735 Simpson Avenue) while they’re on sale through May 31.

4. Surf into summer

Visit OC Surf Cafe, 715 E 8th, to snag a cheese and tomato omelette.

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5. Refresh your chair

Beach chair seen better days? Swing by Island Beach Gear, 2 W 9th, for a new one.

6. Shell stockpile

Walk the beach to expand your shell and beach glass collection. You never know what treasures you’ll find on the sand.

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