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The OC Mag To-Do List

The OC Mag To-Do List

We love counting down to summer. I mean, really, who doesn’t? But sometimes the counting can feel a little… slow. That combined with the cold makes the winter of our discontent. Okay, so perhaps it makes the winter of reading Shakespeare… Either way, we’ve got a recipe for keeping those winter blues at bay… the OC Mag To Do List!

Each week we put together the OC Mag To Do List with you in mind… and this list, if we do say so ourselves is a to do list you will feel extra awesome checking off… ’cause it’s filled with fun things only.

So get out there and enjoy the beach and everything Ocean City has to offer… Here are some ideas to get your OCNJ fill this week.

1. Beach tags, get your beach tags here

Get ready for summer 2021 by ordering beach tags.

2. Need a cookie?

Bowfish Kids, 956 Asbury Ave , is selling Girl Scout Cookies.

3. Valentine’s Day at the beach

Need gift ideas for Valentine’s Day? Check out our gift guide!

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4. Call it a birthday party

Although the Polar Plunge is canceled (womp womp), Sea Isle City is still having President’s Day weekend sales.

5. Or have a sticker party

Hamburger Construction Company is selling stickers to honor the last 43 years of business that was disrupted by the recent fire.

6. Heart in the sand

There’s a new shell heart at the North Street Beach and an American shell flag at 9th Street Beach.

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