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Zoup spicy chicken broth giveaway!

Zoup spicy chicken broth giveaway!

OC Mag Zoup spicy chicken broth giveaway

Soup is exactly what we all need after the long year of 2020. Luckily, January is National Soup Month and even luckier… We’re giving away TWO free jars of Zoup spicy chicken broth to one lucky ducky.

In the OC Mag house, we are HUGE soup fans… Why you ask?

Soup doesn’t take a lot of preparation to make; you can put your ingredients in a crock pot and let it simmer throughout the day, and it’s (generally) pretty healthy. It’s an easy meal that keeps you warm during a cold winter. With Zoup spicy chicken broth, all you do is pour it in, and bam, instant flavor. And it comes in a glass jar, which gives us all the environmentally-friendly feels.

For instance, you can make it in at your Ocean City beach house, you can even bring it to the beach in a thermos to keep you warm. Pair it with couple Bennie rolls from Bennie’s, you’ve got yourself a meal!

One of our favorite recipes is simple chicken noodle soup. We like to use fresh ingredients (however, if we’re lacking in time, a bag of frozen veggies and a rotisserie chicken work wonders), and have a couple tricks to make the flavor even more layered. No matter what recipe you use, squeeze half or a whole lemon into it (depending on your liking). It adds a burst of freshness. Then grate some parmesan cheese on top.

We love making soup so much that we partnered with Zoup! for an OC Mag giveaway of 2 large jars of their spicy chicken broth. We’ve found Zoup spicy chicken broth has a delish depth of flavor and has just the right amount of spice. We shouldn’t be surprised— Zoup!’s tagline is “Zoup!’s Good, Really Good®“!

Do you love soup? Enter to win today!

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