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Stephanie Lindley, Artist

Stephanie Lindley, Artist

As featured in the Welcome to Ocean City Guidebook 2020

STEPHANIE’S work is currently available at Peace of Wood, 1112 Asbury Avenue. For more information on Stephanie’s art, including shows and purchase info,  email Below, Stephanie describes her early inspiration and current art.

“I was always into anything art related as early as I can remember. When I was a kid I found a box of prosthetics in my grandfather’s basement. He had made ears, eyes and noses for people injured in the war. A creepy find to most kids, but I was interested. I was amazed at how he made them so realistic. From there I took every art class offered.

I like leaving my mark and making people smile. Over the years, I’ve made some beach creations out of stuff found on the sand. I would leave these for someone to stumble upon. I just want to make others happy.

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When people connect to my art, that makes my heart happy. I have been blessed with a gift of seeing beautiful things in the mundane. I’m so happy that I can see these things. Whether a swirl in a puddle or a reflection in a rain drop. I like to look. I like to see things. My mind is constantly thinking of new things to do. I have so many crazy ideas circling.”

Available at Peace of Wood, 1112 Asbury Avenue •

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