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Wish List Wednesdays bring holiday cheer Downtown

Wish List Wednesdays bring holiday cheer Downtown

HOliday displays on Asbury Avenue

Yesterday after work, my bestie and I went downtown for Wish List Wednesdays, a cool idea started a couple years ago by Bridget at Stainton’s Gallery of Shops. The concept is, you shop around participating stores, grab a wish list sheet, and jot down all the adorbs things you’d love to receive this holiday season (Hanukkah begins today… Happy Hanukkah!). Then anyone who is looking to gift you something can pop into the shops and see your list, and choose something for you. It’s like a registry for holiday gifts… brilliant! There are two more Wish List Wednesdays before Christmas… btw.

We roamed around Stainton’s (in which I lost my mind, going through every booth three times) just having good old fashioned fun seeing all the pretty/cool/offbeat things…. Online is amazing, but in person shopping is just a treat for all the senses, no? At each shop, we were greeted, saw people we knew, chatted them up, laughed together… it was shopping small at its finest (and yes we wore masks everywhere). We found all the cute things (well, okay, not ALL the cute things – duh, we need a reason to go back next Wednesday) but so many that the car was filled when we were done and I know there will be extra happy smiles when these presents are opened. – Stef Godfrey

The decor outside of Second Chance Boutique is amazing!
This hat though… find it at 7th Street Surf Shop
I mean, who doesn’t need octopus bookends. Octupi? either way… get them at Spotted Whale
We recommend trying soaps lotions and potions from all three soap shops on Asbury, but last night we grabbed these beauties from LEH Soap shop, they are made right over the bridge in Marmora
So, I have a thing for stars… could be called an obsession… find this tobacco box napkin holder at Spotted Whale
Wish you could feel how sturdy and lux these are… well, I know how you can… go get a stack at The Spotted Whale –
Pretty sure this place would have made the Grinch’s heart grow… Cricket Box at Stainton’s
Look at the lamp shades!
Love me a good window display, esp if there’s a bear involved AND if the bear is wearing a Santa suit? I’m toast. It’s kinda amazing I’m not still standing there staring. Well done, Interiors by Joann.
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