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Peak Mobility

Ever feel like you can’t physically recover, whether it’s from a workout, pain from being cooped up due to the pandemic, or nights of sleeping the wrong way?

Lauren Deckard, co-owner and founder of Peak Mobility, has felt the same way. 

“My mind and body were miserable while I was trapped in sedentary job after sedentary job. I was having low back pain in my twenties.. After having my son, the pain just got worse. Still stuck in a cube, I used a cane for three months. I kept picturing the years to come. Will this get worse as I age if I keep up these same patterns? Of course the answer is absolutely, as long as nothing changes!” said Lauren. 

Eventually, she started working for a physical therapist. 

“I was working for a physical therapist who needed my help starting an assisted stretching company — still a fairly foreign concept here on the East Coast (though fairly popular in California). They trained me and I began treating people at marketing events to show the impact of a better hands-on recovery routine. At the time we were affiliated with Under Armour, so UA sent me to the Austin Marathon to work on runners as well — an experience I will never forget.” said Lauren. 

While she was working there, she became interested in different forms of healing. 

“In the midst of my training with them, I became fascinated with gua sha and its healing process. Gua sha is an ancient Chinese healing technique used to address chronic pain. Inflammation is the underlying cause of so many conditions, so this practice features a jade or bian stone tool that is scraped along the skin with short or long strokes to increase blood flow and break up restrictions. Rubbing the skin’s surface is thought to help reduce inflammation, and promote healing,” Lauren said. 

She knows what it’s like to feel imbalanced – she lost her hearing at 21. 

“After five years of teaching myself how to communicate via reading lips, adapting took a toll on my physical health. Soon after, I was a lucky recipient of a cochlear implant which has continued to work fantastically. With my implant I still only hear unilaterally — in turn, my body is constantly imbalanced. Chronic neck pain trickles down into back and hip stiffness. Getting the knowledge to identify and relieve my underlying symptoms has empowered me to live life on my terms. The methods I used can be utilized for various ailments — I am so thankful to be able to share similar healing with my clients,” said Lauren.

Her husband, Nick, has been through his own struggles. He was diagnosed with osteomyelitis at the age of nine and underwent four years of surgery and physical therapy. 

“While pain can range from a small nuisance to an intolerable, life-altering fact, I believe that with the right help, we can make it to the other side while enjoying and learning from the journey,” said Nick. 

Peak Mobility has clients ranging in age from ten to 85.

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“I’d say the most common ailments are low back pain and neck pain. Between smartphone use, zoom meetings, lack of recovery… the list goes on. These pains are seen so regularly. It’s always so refreshing when someone doesn’t have anything specific going on; they just want a session for prevention, and to learn some recovery tricks to do on their own. I do a little happy dance inside. Truthfully, that’s my goal. Some things (with major relief) we aren’t able to do on our own, but I really do try to teach my clients as much as I can so they’re able to continue to heal on their own,” Lauren said. 

She is mobile and goes to her clients. 

“There’s so much inspiration and energy that stems from your surroundings. People put so much love into their homes here and it shows and is absolutely felt,” said Lauren. 

She can’t pick her favorite place in Ocean City.

“As long as I’m outside in OC,” she said. “I’m happy.”

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