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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the loving, beautiful moms of Ocean City!  We’d like to sincerely thank you and celebrate you for everything you do to raise the wonderful children of our shore town. 

We asked a host of local hardworking moms to share their sentiments about motherhood. They shared the names and ages of their kids, the most rewarding part of being a mom, and the best advice they received about parenting.  

The Talese Family

Patty Talese, Jon & Patty’s Coffee Bar & Bistro

Alex, 31; Joe, 27; Sophia, 22, Jon, 20

“The most rewarding part is also the scariest part. Watching them grow independent of me through the years and make their own choices, and just to see them come through as funny, happy, and caring adults.” 

“My mom had ten kids, and she made it look so easy because she was always happy and had a good sense of humor. One of her sayings I always liked was, ‘You just have to laugh, otherwise you’ll cry’. It always seems to work.”  

Dana and her sons, Ryan and Dylan

Dana Wilson, Yes She Can

Dylan, 11; Ryan 7

“The most rewarding part of being a mom is watching your kids accomplish something, and then in return experience pride.” 

“ The best advice I was ever given was to ‘Be silly more than you are serious.’ I’m not sure if my mother-in-law remembers telling me this, but she sure did. I believe the kids were four and eight at the time, and it made me think about my mood from then on out. I chose my favorite picture, of a time that we were acting silly together.” 

The Kovasivic Family

Shani Kovasivic, Animal House 

Jonathan, 13; Maya, 11 ½

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“Every day watching them grow. Listening to their ideas as their thoughts become deeper and more insightful. Watching them treat others with respect and kindness. Starting to pay close attention to details around them, becoming aware of others’ needs, learning how to resolve conflicts. All this makes me often pause with gratitude and awe. For all the difficulties, sleepless nights, the hope we are raising great humans is the reward.”

“Pick your battles wisely. Watch them and learn, there is much to learn from the simple minds of children. Advice from the ultimate teacher, my mom.”

Jessica Englehart, LEH Soap

Ethan, 13 months

“My son Ethan is 13 months old. He’s an absolute joy. My favorite thing is seeing him grow so fast and begin to develop his own personality. Every day he learns something new and keeps my husband and I laughing and smiling at his silly antics. “

“My friend Ang gave me the best advice, let him sleep with you when you need sleep too because this won’t last that long. We’re in the wonderful teething stage and sleep is almost a distant memory but we’ll make it through and Ethan will never remember any of it. I’m so thankful to be this little boy’s mom, he’ll never know how happy he’s made me just by being himself.”

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