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Battle Breakfast Burrito!

Battle Breakfast Burrito!

Starfish Cafe Breakfast Burrito
An explosion of flavors!
There aren’t many times where I feel the need to shout “Ole!” I’m not a bull fighter (thank goodness) and I’m not some sexy Spanish actor who can get away with that… but when I took my first bite of the breakfast burrito from Starfish Café – I actually did give a little “Ole” in my head. This thing is bomb. It’s a tangy, savory, creamy, chewy bite with about four tastes hitting you at once. Before you even taste it, though, it’s a sensory delight. I got mine to go, and when I got home I saw the sandwich was wrapped in foil, a la hoagie, and it was sealed with masking tape printed with the Starfish logo. Starfish is committed to being eco friendly and clearly, to fabulous design.
Once unwrapped and separated (the burrito is cut on the bias, so more of its beauty is visible) the bright yellow egg, deep red tomatoes, purple onion, green avocado, creamy black beans and brown rice showed through. My first bite was an explosion of flavors (salty, crisp, fresh, creamy) and they held through to the last bite. Half was enough for me that morning (the two eggs beans and rice make it filling), but I did sneak bites all afternoon of the second half.
Ole indeed.

Red’s Jersey Mex Breakfast Burrito
The chorizo gives it kick!
If I had to choose a champion for a battle involving Mexican food I would choose Red’s Jersey Mex. Can you picture it, some Medieval scene where trumpets announce the games are open and knights are on horses and people are walking around saying “yes my lord” and stuff? Right, anyway, Reds always serves up some good grinds and his restaurant is a welcoming eatery. And as for the breakfast burrito… (trumpets please) da dada daaaaa… good gentlepeople thou doth eat most well when one haveth the Red’s breakfast burrito! I cruised into Red’s one fine spring morning and ordered up a Chorizo Burrito which starts with a 12-inch flour tortilla, two eggs, spicy Mexican potatoes, and cheese and is served up with chips and salsa. This burrito is perfectly spiced, soft and hot with the prefect portions of cheese, egg and sausage. As Lord Reds himself doth describe “the unique flavors of the chorizo give it a kick – not too hot but big flavor. And the combination of the eggs, cheddar jack cheese and ranchero potatoes really make it a home run.”
Breakfast burritos are not just for breakfast! Try it any time of day and become a believer. Delicious.

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