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The OC Mag To-Do List 4-14

The OC Mag To-Do List 4-14

Dot's Donuts

Happy Easter! Serve Dot’s donuts for dinner, go on an egg hunt, and find more things to do below…

Sprinkle in some sweetness

Have Dot’s Pastry Shop, 3148 Asbury Avenue, donuts with sprinkles for dessert on Easter.

Go on an Egg Hunt

Go on the Boardwalk Egg Hunt on April 16 from 1-3pm. Participating Boardwalk merchants will be giving out eggs to kids age 0-7. All eggs will be filled with either toys or candy.

Take an Easter Stroll

The Easter Fashion Stroll will be judged at 1pm at the Music Pier on Easter.

Breakfast with the Bunny

Have breakfast with the Easter Bunny at Ocean City Café, 846 Central Avenue on April 16 and 17 from 9am-1pm. Kids will get prize filled eggs. 

Serve Easter pie

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Order a coconut custard pie from Deadend Bakehouse, 1050 Bay Avenue.

Eat Easter Brunch

Celebrate with an Easter Brunch at Adelene, 1510 Boardwalk, from 9am-3pm.

Featured image courtesy of Dot’s Pastry Shop

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