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Kessel’s Korner and Nauti Donuts- Famished Foodie

Kessel’s Korner and Nauti Donuts- Famished Foodie

Nauti Donuts
The Famished Foodie is joined by Snow White and the Seven Surfers for a post surf breakfast

SNOW White and the Seven Surfers hit the beach one fine August morning for a sunrise sesh. Sandy, Foamy, Crabby, Wavey, Sunny, Salty, Surfy and Snow all rose before the sun and headed for the water. The waves were fun, the weather was glorious, and the sunrise didn’t disappoint. Moments like these are why we all love Ocean City. Another reason we love the OC are the big assortment of eateries, bakeries and food joints offering singular fare to fuel your early morning session, be it biking, walking, running, or chillin’ on the porch. Small, family-run businesses are the heartbeat of OC and the assortment of goodies available just blow my mind. And you all know you can’t find grinds like this anywhere else. So while you’re here, take advantage man, take advantage. I sure did.

We scored an early morning Ocean City trifecta that day… early morning waves, Kessel’s Korner breakfast and Nauti Donuts post-surf all in one morning. #Winning.

For our first surf break, we headed off the beach a few blocks to Kessel’s Korner for breakfast. Kessel’s has been on the corner of 28th and Asbury since before the Lake Brothers landed at Peck’s Beach. The Seven Surfers picked the corner booth by the front window and Snow and her court chose to eat outside. The totally friendly staff at Kessel’s took care of the rest.

“The food they have here is really good and the waitresses and stuff are really nice people,” said Crabby, who ordered the #1; two eggs, home fries and toast, aka the “Breakfast Special.”

Kessel’s is an old-school OC place, like it’s still 1976 in there. It’s a really nice vibe. The staff returns year after year and so do the customers.

“I’ve been working here eight years,” said Lexie, A recent college grad and Kessel’s old-timer. “I come back for the customers and my awesome boss and all the girls I work with.”

“I grew up on Kessel’s,” said Surfy, who visits Kessel’s weekly in the summer. “It’s a great place to visit and a great environment. I just love being here. Love the food. I get the Poppy’s pick which is two eggs, two pancakes and my choice of meat – that’s my regular.”

I ordered up my regular – the bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich with home fries. What I like is the consistency. The bacon is always crispy, the roll is fresh and soft, and I can feel my paddle muscles refueling as I bite into that baby.

“I come here all the time with my friends,” said Wavey. “They have good ice cream, and they have really good breakfast food.”

We headed back to the beach for another round in the water. The tide was coming in so the waves picked up and we simply enjoyed a beautiful morning on the beach. When it was time to go we bagged up our boards, piled in the surf van and headed to Nauti Donuts for an après-surf donut-fest.

Nauti Donuts serves up made-to-order cake donuts on Asbury Ave near 21st Street, across from Uncle Bill’s Pancake House. The same extended family that operates Uncle Bill’s also operates Nauti, so you know you’re getting a quality product. But the proof is in the donut as they say, and I really like these donuts. I usually order the Nauti Dozen, consisting of a dozen different specialty donuts. I watch as they meticulously prepare all 12 donuts to order and drop them in the box. And I love that stoked feeling I get when they hand them to me. I often cut them in half or quarters so I can taste each one. I always enjoy the Mermaid’s Delight consisting of strawberry icing, fruity pebbles and marshmallow drizzle – one bite and I’m 10 years old again.

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“I like that you can try so many donuts in the Nauti Dozen. I got to try like, four different donuts and still only had one,” said Surfer-ella, who showed up with only one shoe after a night out. “Nauti donuts are delicious. They’re light but with a nice bite.”

Nauti also serves up classic donuts including vanilla-iced, chocolate iced and powdered sugar, as well as the Johnny Tsunami; A glazed donut topped with vanilla ice cream, rainbow jimmies, powdered sugar, and finished with a hot fudge drizzle.

Nauti offers some tasty coffee. It takes a moment or two to custom-make the Nauti Dozen, so I figured I’d make the best of my wait time and have a brew – good idea, right? I like a good hot house brew, but they also have cold brew, espresso, teas, hot chocolate and more.

What a morning. Until our next surf safari, sending you big wave wishes and donut dreams.

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