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September/October Ocean City Magazine

September/October Ocean City Magazine

September/October 2021 Ocean City Magazine

Summer is big time rush. It’s full blast, man, non stop, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Normally we take a bite out of summer, but in mid-July, summer took a bite out of me. I got the dreaded summer cold, and like catching a bad wave, it completely wiped me out. I spent the week in bed, finishing the August issue in between naps. It was humbling, but, of course, there was a silver lining. Even though I stopped, the world didn’t. And I realized that slowing down didn’t change anything except how I felt. And man, did it feel good. From then, I vowed to take it a little slower, relax, and enjoy the precious days of summer.
On a recent shopping trip in the OC, I was chatting with Artisan Body Products owner Ione Talese about slowing things down and she agreed, saying she was committed to doing the same, enjoying the small things a little more. For Ione, that meant more time relaxing on her porch. For me, it also means more porch time with a great book, more time playing with my kids, more time not sweating the small stuff, and basically, more deep breaths, and less shallow thoughts.

And a lot more yoga.

Fall in OC is an awesome time to indulge in the small things. To watch the dune grass in bloom bend with the breezes, to sit on a Boardwalk bench and people watch, to collect shells for painting, to ease in and out of the lovely boutiques Downtown. September and October bring beautiful beach days, and the city is jumping with events. These months span the time from tank tops to sweaters, from deep green leaves to crisp yellows and reds. It spans all the small things. And the small things are fabulous.
In the September/October Ocean City Magazine, we sat down with the fun peeps at SoBar – – , a company dedicated to fun nights out without alcohol, we went in the kitchen with Clancy’s by the Sea (chicken pot pie, anyone?) and we shopped til we dropped on Asbury to bring you our selection of fall must haves. There’s so much more inside the September/October Ocean City Magazine waiting for you. Bring this issue to your porch, or stoop, or beach chair and enjoy. – Stef Godfrey

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