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Ocean City Fishing Center

Ocean City Fishing Center

Ocean City Fishing Center
The Ocean City Fishing Center is featured in the Welcome to Ocean City 2022-2023 guidebook

YOU know that feeling… you’re crossing over the bridge into OC, the saltwater scent hits you and you’re ready for vacation take off. If your idea of vacay is exploring the back bays by boat or fishing with your family and friends then drive right down Bay Avenue until you see the big purple building.
Ocean City Fishing Center has everything you need for a fun day fishing and/or boating. They offer 24 foot pontoon boat rentals (available to rent by yourself or with a mate), private fishing lessons off their pier, and a full bait and tackle store that’ll satisfy any seasoned or beginner fisherman.
Don’t miss the boat! Spend the day at Third and Bay. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more FINfo.

300 Bay Avenue (in the big purple building) • 609-391-8300 •

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