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Keeping Ocean City on the mind, one photo at a time

Keeping Ocean City on the mind, one photo at a time

Pink clouds over OC

Ever take the perfect shot of the Boardwalk?

The swirling colors in the sky during sunset that never look the same twice. 

The family photo holding Kohr’s, seagulls flying in the background.

The sun coming up from the 14th Street fishing pier.

Well, now you can win a prize for your photos from the Boardwalk Merchant Association

“We want to keep the content fun and get people excited for summer,” said Wes Kazmarck. 

The Boardwalk is running the contest through its Instagram account but are cross-posting content to Facebook. Since starting the contest right before Christmas, they’ve had over 150 entries. Participants enter by posting their photos and tagging them using #OCNJBoardwalkPic. 

“People love posting about their time in Ocean City,” Wes said.  

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Participants have the chance to win “[the] entire Ocean City Boardwalk in a basket” according to Wes.

Twenty-five merchants donated to the prize pack including Shirt Shack, Air Circus, Playland, Shriver’s, Ocean Treasures, Congo Falls, Browns, and more. 

“We’re going to run this contest for three months,” said Wes. There will be a winner announced on January 15, February 15, and March 15. 

“[We’re] keeping Ocean City on the mind during a time of the year when it might not be,” Wes said. 

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