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Dollard Baker Sew Vac

Dollard Baker Sew Vac

As featured in the 2020 Welcome to Ocean City Guidebook

ONE walk into Dollard Baker Sew Vac and you realize you’re not in Kansas anymore… The only items for sale in this Marmora shop are vacuums, sewing machines, and their accessories. How’s that for refreshing? With 99 years in business, the family run shop has the expertise to steer you in the right direction. Whether you’re searching for a vacuum that’s lightweight, quiet, or any other feature, the staff is there to help Tuesday-Saturday from 10am.

Dollard Baker also does repair and maintenance. The team is serious about their level of service, but brings a sense of humor too… Proof? Their motto is “Business sucks, but it’s picking up…”

John Dollard and his daughter Christina are the 3rd and 4th generation at the helm of this family business. When you walk in you’ll see one of their smiling faces. The other thing you may notice immediately is the sheer amount of colorful fabrics, buttons, and other sewing stuff dotted around. It’s a maker’s dream… with an entire wall of high-quality machines just waiting to make something fabulous.

They offer classes for kids and adults right at their shop to get you sewing and quilting no matter your experience level. They also repair and service sewing machines.

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232 Route 9, Marmora (Exit 25 Parkway)

•609-390-0343 •

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