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Skating Sensation Sky Brown Visits OC

Skating Sensation Sky Brown Visits OC

by Avery Nunn

Sky Brown, an 11-year-old international skateboarding sensation visited Ocean City August 6 through the 8 to meet with fans, give demonstrations, and lead the 110th Annual Baby Parade. She may be small, but man oh man is this fun-sized girl mighty.

At 11-years-old, Sky has already landed herself a professional career in both skateboarding and surfing, making her one of the youngest pro skaters in the world. Endorsed by major brands such as Nike and GoPro, Sky has been featured in Nike campaigns alongside Serena Williams and Simone Biles, won the first ever ‘Dancing with the Stars: Juniors’, was nominated for the 2019 Teen Choice Award for Female Athlete, and is even on the road to compete in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Born to a Japanese mother and a British father, Sky’s duo nationality left her with the choice of which country to compete for. CNN recently reported that Sky had chosen to represent Great Britain in the upcoming Olympics because of its’ “relaxed approach.”

“The British Skateboarding Association told me ‘no pressure, just have fun and get out there,’” Sky said in a video posted to the BBC Sport Website. “So that’s why I chose England.”

If the Britain skateboarding team qualifies, it would end up making Sky the youngest Olympic athlete since 1936.

The child prodigy first became noticed through the YouTube account that she shares with her younger brother, Ocean. With over six million views, the channel shows the young skater swiftly and confidently gliding along the pipes, flying off of the ramps and into the air nearly 10 feet high.

“I like it [getting air] because it feels like I’m touching the sky,” she said in a video.

Raised by surfer parents, she started riding a board — on wheels and in water — when she was a toddler. By age four, online videos of her skating went viral. At seven, she began her competitive career.

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In a place of such strong roots for both skating and surfing, Ocean City welcomed Sky with the openest of arms — and the local groms were the most stoked of them all.

“The thing I love most about skating is the instant community that comes with it,” says local skater Kai Demarco, “the skating community in Ocean City is awesome. Most of the kids are at the skatepark from dawn to dusk, even in the middle of this crazy hot summer.”

And not only are OC skaters dedicated, they love the opportunity to inspire and be inspired from other skaters.

“She [sky] rips pretty hard,” continued Kai. “I think when kids see other kids shredding, it inspires them and makes them determined to do the same. That’s how it was with me when I was her age. It’s also cool that she’s a girl making it big, because there aren’t a ton of female role models in the skating world.”

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