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Who run the world? Girls.

Who run the world? Girls.

I received an email from the Greater Ocean City Chamber of Commerce yesterday reminding me about the upcoming “Girls Weekend” activities in the Historic Downtown when moments later I received another email about Harriette Hale, A London-based business, marketing and mindset coach currently touring the states. Harriette is, among many things, a businessperson and entrepreneur who offers professional services for inspiration, improving one’s life, making money and reaching goals. I figured the timing of the emails must be fate so I dialed up Harriette and her delightful British accent for tips on making 2018 a breakthrough year. And now for something completely different…

OCmag: We have a lot of girls coming to Ocean City this weekend so if you had the opportunity to sit and chat with them, what would you advise for making 2018 the best year ever?

Harriette: Right, ok, I would start with a few things; first establish what will make 2018 better. What have you loved about previous years, what haven’t you quite achieved? What do you want to create? What do you want to achieve? That could be relationship goals, personal development, anything. Once you have that goal in mind, then ask yourself the question, what has previously stopped me achieving this goal? Is it my belief system or my operating system? And look at what part of your belief system doesn’t match your goal. So say you want to be in a nurturing loving relationship and you haven’t previously succeeded, you must look at how much you nourish yourself. Because our external world is an exact reflection of our internal world.

OCmag: So we should look inside ourselves to improve our external world?

Harriette: Yes! Absolutely. We’re always looking externally for solutions to our problems when the basis of the problems are internal. So if we’re looking for a loving nurturing relationship with someone else, we need to love and nourish ourselves so we can get into the high vibration of self love and attract the right person into our life.

OCmag: So how does one start with that?

Harriette: Look inside. Appreciate what you already love, appreciate and admire about yourself. Then ask what am I not so happy with, and why am I not so happy with it? But also ask, do I suffer from comparison-it is? I’m I trying to live up to a standard I see on social media, especially as projected by celebrities? Is it because I was indoctrinated from early years to a way of thinking that it’s only ok to be this size or that size or look this way or that. But once we reach adulthood we want to grow and expand with goals and identities that really make us happy. We need to figure what is working for us and working against us.

OCmag: So dream big?

Harriette? Absolutely! Anything’s possible. If you can believe it, see it or imagine it, it’s possible.

OCmag: What’s your favorite salt water taffy flavor? Do you know what salt water taffy is?

Harriette: (laughing) no.

OC mag: What’s your favorite pizza?

Harriette: I’ll take the vegan option.

OCmag: Do you sleep on the beach or read on the beach?

Harriette: Both.

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OCmag: If you were on the beach in OC right now, what would you be reading?

Harriette: Oh I’m reading a couple at the minute; Goddess Wisdom by Taniska, and Witch by Lisa Lister. Oh another that’s relevant to women at the moment Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell.

OCmag: Do you have advice for women in the public eye right now?

Harriette: One of the biggest things I’ve learned being in the spotlight, the more authentic I am, the more genuine I am, the more people respond. When I first started out I was trying to be somebody I wasn’t because I thought there was this fixed idea on how you present yourself to the public, but then I realized the more true I am to myself, the easier it is.

-text by Bill Godfrey


For more information about Harriette, or to ask Harriette, visit and for more info on Girls Weekend 2018 in Downtown OCNJ – which starts tonight —  visit

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